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  • Penny Lin Lambright

Hello! from The Darlington Dressmakers!

The most frequently asked question I receive is "Why are you called The Dressmakers when it's only you?" You see, I am only part of the equation. My team is comprised of my tools and the machines I use. My ultimate goal is to have a team of seamstresses, all ready and willing to make our clients dreams come to life. But for now, it's just me and the machines...

My work horse is the Husqvarna Viking EPIC. This machine is amazing! It sews, embroiders, cross stitches, quilts and then some! It even has WIFI... yep, my sewing machine has WIFI. That feature allows me to upload embroidery designs on the spot. It also allows me to walk away from the machine while running a long program. There is an APP for my phone that alerts me when it's time to change threads, when the bobbin is running low, or if the upper thread breaks. No more walking back to my machine expecting a program to be finished only to find out the metallic thread broke a third of the way through the program.

The other machine I use is the Singer Confidence Quilter. It's the machine I had before the EPIC came into my life and it is a great standard machine. It offers more than 20 different stitches and has constructed a lot of the gowns you will see featured in my shop. I still use my Confidence while my EPIC is running embroidery programs, for maximum efficiency.

So for now that's my team. My family who has permitted me to take over the dining room as a studio, and my finace whose unending support is what made this all possible, are the ones who have made my dream of the Dressmakers possible. They are the structure on which this company will be built.

Until next time... keep dreaming!

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